About Cityvu

Cityvu is a 3D GIS data viewer able to load CityGML data format from any compatible data source.
It runs on mainstream operative systems as Microsoft Windows XP and Vista, Apple Mac OS X and GNU Linux.
Cityvu offers comprehensive support to the Internet without need of installation, as it only requires Java Runtime.

Cityvu features 3D hardware rendering using OpenGL with a complete navigation system that allows automated tour of the rendered scene. It has been designed to be used to develop customized software solutions, built on the specific needs. Cityvu supports in addition to CityGML, multiple 3D pure geometrical data formats as 3D Studio Max, Wavefront Obj, COLLADA.

Every model in the scene can be enriched by a user defined set of attributes making customization and applicability to every 3D visualization needs possible. Cityvu’s internal architecture has been designed to support other future spatial formats on multiple data sources being easily extendable just adding the matching plug-ins.